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New Speaker McHenry Shakes Things Up in Capitol Office

In a recent development, the newly appointed Speaker, McHenry, has stirred things up in the Capitol office. Speaker Pro Tempore McHenry (R-N.C) issued an order to Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to vacate her Capitol Highways office so that they could assume their role as the Deputy Speaker, just hours after Pelosi’s elevation to the position on Tuesday.

After Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) was removed from the post on Tuesday, McHenry was sworn in as the Deputy Speaker, marking the first time a Speaker has been ousted from office.

Henry’s office requested Pelosi to vacate her Capitol Highways office by Wednesday because it was being “reallocated for Speaker’s office use,” according to a message reported first by Politico. There are a small number of “cloakroom” offices inside the Capitol building for senior representatives.

Pelosi expressed disapproval of this demand in a statement issued late Tuesday.

She stated, “In all of this, as we await the attention of the new Republican leadership, who we hope will act on what is truly important for the American people, the first action taken by Speaker Pro Tempore McHenry is to immediately order my Capitol office to be vacated.”

“This is a departure from the norm,” she continued. “As Speaker, I gave former Speaker Dennis Hastert a prestigious suite of offices until he decided to assign offices.”

She called on McHenry and House Republicans to focus on legislation. “The office doesn’t matter to me, but apparently, it matters to them. Now that the new Republican leadership has made this important decision, let’s hope they will work on what really matters to the American people,” she said.

Pelosi is in California at the end of this week for the preparations of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s memorial services. She did not vote in favor of vacating the office on Tuesday.

“It’s a sad occasion for me, as I am in California to mourn and pay tribute to my dear friend Dianne Feinstein’s loss. At this time, I am unable to get my possessions back,” she continued.

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