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Breaking News: Deion Sanders Impressed by Colorado’s Spectacular Comeback vs. USC

The Colorado Buffaloes’ head coach, Deion Sanders, kicked off his news conference on Saturday with some lighthearted humor.

“A fantastic win,” he said with a smile. “I’m just kidding.”

Colorado couldn’t secure a win against USC, falling 48-41 in front of a sellout crowd at Folsom Field that included players and famous personalities from the world of sports and entertainment. Led by quarterback Shedeur Sanders, the Buffaloes outscored the Trojans 27-14 in the second half and shut them out 14-0 in the fourth quarter, while Coach Lincoln Riley’s rally crime put USC ahead 564-498.

Neither Dion nor Shedeur Sanders put much stock in moral victories. “I don’t know what that means,” Shedeur said. But in the second half of Colorado’s season, Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams and the Trojans continued their efforts to revive hopes and restore expectations with a 1-11 season in 2022.

“Overall, I’m really proud,” Dion Sanders said. “Not only of the children, but also of the coaches, the number of spectators, and the student organization. Today, the way we represented Boulder, I’m really proud of it.”

After a 42-6 loss in Oregon last week, where they were almost shut out, the Buffaloes were looking for another reality check against USC in the PAC-12 Heavyweight division. USC took the lead 34-7 behind four touchdown passes from Williams, finishing with 403 yards. Colorado’s Branden Rice caught his second touchdown pass during the third quarter, but the Buffaloes remained behind 41-14 in the middle of the third quarter, marking the start of Rice’s career with the Buffaloes.

But Shedeur Sanders lifted his team with the help of Amarion Miller, who set a fresh Colorado record with 196 receiving yards on nine receptions. “We had to engage in and understand, ‘Look, whatever occurred last week is irrelevant,'” Shedeur stated. “Whatever we get. That was the overall theme of the week.”

Shedeur Sanders corrected numerous reporters and explained how to pronounce Miller’s name correctly. “Everyone, this is my guy, Amarion!” he said. He went insane for a solid 34!” Sanders found Miller for two touchdowns early in the fourth quarter, including a 9-yard touchdown pass through a tight window on fifth and 5.

Our’s-star recruit, didn’t have a welcoming record in his first four games for Colorado but said he “saw a glimpse” of a big performance against USC. “I have a lot to prove,” remarked Miller. It’s just one game. You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Miller was among several young players rising for Colorado, playing without three defensive backs who started the season – safety Mailks Slusher, cornerback Trejon Hunter, and safety Shilo Sanders, who sat out their first game due to a rib injury. Freshman corner-back Korey Cunningham, an ESPN 300 recruit who Dion Sanders called during the week for preparation, had a pass breakup in the final zone and helped conceal a failed PAT attempt by USC.

Dion Sanders said he wanted Miller to “be himself” and added that Miller and his quarterback had “separated themselves” from the rest, which he found “terrific.” He mentioned that both of them have set new expectations for themselves.

Shedeur Sanders, meanwhile, continued to rise to the occasion with 348 passing yards or more in his fourth game and remained third in the country with four touchdown passes. Dion Sanders, who named his son “Grown” because of his maturity, had no doubt that Shedeur would have taken Colorado for another touchdown if the Buffaloes had acquired with 1 minute and 43 seconds remaining, an onside kick was awarded.

Dion Sanders called Shedeur “a baller” and “now a player.”

“He was built for it, and he’s been groomed for it,” Dion explained. “The kid always wins, he’s always excelled, he’s always been sharp and intelligent, and he’s always been composed. … He’s always given us an opportunity to be successful on every level.

“I could have done it, but I didn’t want to be like the dad. The kid can absolutely play.”

When asked about sharing the stage with Williams, Shedeur Sanders responded, “My stage is my stage.” His goal is for more complete games because Colorado has been outscored 90-28 in the first half of its last three games, it has been averaging a.500 record.

Dion Sanders said that finishing strong is important for the team, but the team is still searching for its “true identity” after going 3-2 since September, making it the biggest story in Colorado college football.

“If you’re unable to perceive the developments in CU football, you might need to reassess your perspective,” Sanders asserted.

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